Lofts and Individual beds...
or Combine Them
to Make an L-Shaped Bunk
Lofts available in Two Models:
Paul Bunyan - Heavyweight and extremely tough
Princess Style - Coming Soon!                                 

#4  Standard Loft Bed
- The Loft Bed is simply a bed that has been raised off of the floor to gain floor space, or to put it another way, a Loft is a bed on stilts!
- The Loft Bed is a great piece of furniture for dorm rooms, small bedrooms, or teens and adults who would like a computer or study area underneath the bed
- A Tall Loft is a Loft that is raised even higher than normal to give more clearance underneath; our  Tall Lofts can be raised as much as 10 inches higher than our Standard Loft
- A Short Loft is a Loft that has been shortened to allow for a shorter ceiling or to make the bed safer for children.
Loft Bed Prices
(bunky board is included)

Twin-Size Loft Bed
$445  PB-300 Paul Bunyan Loft Bed

Twin-Size Short/Tall Loft Bed
$430  PBS-320 Paul Bunyan Short Loft Bed
$470  PBT-310 Paul Bunyan Tall Loft Bed**

Twin Extra-Long Loft Bed & Tall Loft Bed
$490  PB-305 Paul Bunyan XL Loft Bed
$515  PB-315 Paul Bunyan XL Tall Loft Bed**

Full-Size Loft Bed
$620  PB-350 Paul Bunyan Loft Bed
$645  PB-360 Paul Bunyan Tall Loft Bed**

Queen-Size Loft Bed
$670  PB-370 Paul Bunyan Loft Bed
$695  PB-380 Paul Bunyan Tall Loft Bed**
Paul Bunyan Twin Tall Loft
Option: Add a Desk, either L-Shaped or along back of Loft
See Accessories Page
#5 L-Shaped Bunk Bed
- This combination of a Loft  Bed and an Individual Bed has a great look in any bedroom, leaving space for a dresser, desk, or bookshelf in the remaining space
- Available in any combination of Twin, Twin XL, Full, or Queen beds - top or bottom
L-Shaped Bunk Bed Prices
(bunky boards are included)

Twin-Size L-Shaped Bunk Bed Set
$680  PB-500 Paul Bunyan L-Shaped Bunk

Twin over Full L-Shaped Bunk Bed Set
$795  PB-550 Paul Bunyan L-Shaped Bunk

Twin over Queen L-Shaped Bunk Bed Set
$825  PB-570 Paul Bunyan L-Shaped Bunk

(Add $45 for Twin-Extra-Long)
For other combinations,
please call for pricing

Paul Bunyan Twin XL over Twin XL L-shaped Bunk
- with 3 Storage Drawers, Headboard/shelves,
4-drawer Dresser, and Blue Moon Mattresses, all available as Accessories
#6 The Individual Bed
- The Individual Bed is a "regular" bed, available in Toddler, Twin, Twin XL, Full, and Queen sizes.
- All the Individual Beds are built with the same solid frames as our Bunk Beds and Loft Beds, and provide a nice rustic look in any bedroom.
- The Individual Beds can be built low to the floor in order to accommodate a box spring and mattress set, or built at our standard height with the space to slide a Trundle Bed or a set of Storage Drawers underneath
(accessories page)

Individual Bed Prices                                      ** Frame-Only Prices
(bunky board is included)                               (when you use your own box                                                                                     spring instead of a bunky board)
Individual Beds
$235  PB-1010 Paul Bunyan Twin Single                   without Bunky Board $195
$255  PB-1015 Paul Bunyan Twin XL Single               without Bunky Board $215
$350  PB-1050 Paul Bunyan Full Single                    without Bunky Board $290
$380  PB-1070 Paul Bunyan Queen Single               without Bunky Board $315
Option: Add an L-Shaped Desk
Or Single Drawer
See Accessories Page
Option: Add Under-Bed Drawers
or Trundle Bed
See Accessories Page
Accessories and Mattresses are available (accessories page)
** The Individual Beds do not require a           Bunky Board if a box spring is used
Paul Bunyan Twin Individual Bed - with trundle bed accessory

Twin Loft = 81" long, 43" wide, 65" tall (48" of clearance)

Twin XL Loft = 87" long, 43" wide, 65" tall (48" of clearance)

Full Loft = 81" long, 60" wide, 65" tall (48" of clearance)

Queen Loft = 87" long, 65" wide, 65" tall (48" of clearance)

** Tall Lofts can be built up to 74" tall (57" of clearance)

Loft heights are 65" unless requested taller or shorter
To check room placement: Measure the position of the Loft, then measure the lower bed according to size and location

Twin = 81" long, 43" wide

Twin XL = 87" long, 43" wide

Full = 81" long, 60" wide

Queen = 87" long, 65" wide

Twin Bunk = 81" long, 43" wide,
height: Head = 35.5", Foot = 29"

Twin XL Bunk = 87" long, 43" wide,
height: Head = 35.5", Foot = 29"

Full Bunk = 81" long, 60" wide,
height: Head = 35.5", Foot = 29"

Queen Bunk = 87" long, 65" wide,
height: Head = 35.5", Foot = 29"

* The height of the head and foot ends can be customized

Paul Bunyan Full Loft - with Headboard/shelf
Paul Bunyan Twin over Queen L-shaped Bunk
- close spacing ladder rungs on Loft
- Queen Bed lowered to the floor
Paul Bunyan Queen Individual Bed - with 3 Storage Drawers on each side